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Ellie Tabibian


Ellie Tabibian is a Gallup Certified CliftonStrengths career and executive coach, university instructor, and published author. Ellie bridges 5+ decades of science with practical advice to help individuals and teams unleash their potential for peak performance, meaningful success, and wellbeing. Her calling to become a CliftonStrengths coach evolved from her first career as a school psychologist. She routinely saw many students, regardless of ability and intelligence, disengage. Her unwavering focus on what is right with people instead of what’s wrong with them, ultimately led to her burnout. Unbeknownst to her, she was leading with Maximizer, a bias towards strengths, and was indirectly trying to affect positive change.

In 2012, Ellie furthered her education in career education and counseling and has been developing great careers and best place to work cultures with the science and soul of CliftonStrengths technology. The soulful part of this work deeply resonates with her second Strength, ”Connectedness.” She serves as a bridge to help leaders connect with their highest calling and authentic selves to become purposefully productive and increase engagement for their teams. Inspired by lessons found in oceanic seas, Ellie creates thriving workplace cultures that enhance wellbeing and connect team members through authentic communication that lead to meaningful success. She is currently delivering webinars on “Overcome Imposter Syndrome with Emotional Intelligence” and “CliftonStrengths Rocket fuel for Peak Performance.”