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Coach Brad Weyant Headshot 2023

Brad Weyant


Brad has been an entrepreneur since he was fifteen when, together with his best friend, he started a lawn business before he could even drive. Brad has been a leader, entrepreneur, consultant, mentor, and coach in a wide variety of business settings. His passion is to create, build and grow companies from the ground up which has brought him experience in construction, the service industry, inspecting, photography, marketing, restaurants, real estate, investing, athletics and education. In addition to his coaching practice, Brad is Founder and CEO of Safewater Backflow, a water protection company based in Austin, TX.

Brad has a passion for learning and continuing to grow which led him to become a Certified Integral Coach®. He is driven to help entrepreneurs and other leaders succeed in their positions and share the wealth of understanding that he has.

Brad’s coaching translates across many different industries as it is focused on growing and developing human beings into their fullest potential. He has coached high level leaders and engineers that work in automotive (self-driving cars), fintech, technology, network security and manufacturing. He has even worked with leaders at a fashion company that provides clothing lines for a global top 20 company. His background in providing great customer service within his own companies has helped leaders in the software industry, business services and consultants. Brad has been granted security clearance to work with leaders at a national laboratory.

Beyond coaching leaders on an individual level, Brad enjoys working with teams to help them develop plans for working better together. He believes that when teams take the time to explore and set how they will work together, they accelerate their growth and output.

Brad has a degree in Kinesiology, the study of movement, from the University of Texas. He has been involved in team sports every year since he was 5 years old. This desire for movement and understanding of the human body is a key element that he brings to every engagement. A student of Aikido, Brad brings experiences from his Aikido practice to many of his coaching engagements. These can involve concepts around communication and not causing harm to others.

Brad’s style is a reflection of who he is. He is patient, positive, non-judgmental, a great listener and strong yet kind. He is passionate about entrepreneurs and leaders and what he can bring to their business and personal lives.