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Alicia Byers


In 2017, Alicia said no to being a coach. At the time, she was and had been in a supportive leadership role within ProAdvisorCoach and didn’t think she had the network to start a coaching practice. In 2018, she said no again. She knew the power of coaching and the benefit of the tools, training and resources within the company…but, she was still resistant.

In 2019, courage came before confidence and she launched my practice.

She onboarded and trained to become a certified ProAdvisorCoach (PAC) coach. She paired her previous experience as an entrepreneur, her natural gifts, certification and unlimited resources to create a successful practice. Within the first year, she became passionate about helping women rest, defy hustle culture and take back their time.

She worked with women in business and tried her best to be the bridge between women. Connecting them with one another and gathering them together. Could she really grow a practice solely based on adding value to women with no ask? The answer was: yes. She trusted the process of giving, being authentic, holding boundaries and honoring the things she valued most. She started working more and more with female financial advisors and knew she needed to redefine the scope of her practice and serve only them.

She had started seeing the narrative being sold to women in the financial services industry – the old sales strategies, the cold referral language and the demand to just put in more. More time, money, heart and names. With more capacity, she could serve this select group of women at a much higher level – so, she went all in.

It’s her heart that you’d know you’re more than the production you bring in and the hours you work. That your success doesn’t have to look like everyone else’s and that you certainly don’t have to arrive at success using the plan someone else followed. In her own space, she’s proud to be on her journey to success and content with what it’s taking to get there.