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Comprehensive Cognitive Awareness


Begins with Thinking.

Based on the Hartman Value Profile developed by Nobel-Nominated Dr. Robert S. Hartman, the MindScan™ assessment is an axiological inventory that measures a person’s capacity to make value judgments concerning the world and one’s self. Instead of simply understanding “how” a person behaves, it objectively measures “why” a person behaves the way they do, provides the deepest possible understanding of behavior in the workplace and reveals precisely how to align your thinking strengths with your business plan in order to accelerate successes.


A Better Way to Measure.

Unlike most other behavioral assessments, MindScan™ doesn’t measure what individuals think of themselves. The underlying flaw in the most popular and commonly used assessments is they subjectively group people by type into a category of “HOW” they behave. Instead, the MindScan™ seeks the underlying truth of “WHY” a person behaves the way they do, based on their thinking patterns. Consider this – certain people might behave the exact same way (“HOW”), for completely different reasons (“WHY”); this means changing the behaviors of these two people would call for two completely different approaches.

The MindScan™ assessment is designed to objectively measure each person’s thought processes in “3D” (three dimensions):

first dimension

Intrinsic Value

• • • • •

Measures how we value ourselves. 

Determines our ability to love and be intuitive.


Extrinsic Value

• • • • •

Reflects our economic and social understanding.

Measures our capacity for excellence in tasks, projects and processes.


Systemic Value

• • • • •

Reflects the ability to perceive structures, systems of order, rules of engagement, etc.

Measures capacity for strategic vision, long-range planning, implications and consequences.

Ultimately Actionable

More powerful than the MindScan™ assessment is the resulting MindScan™ report. Because it literally “shows” the way a person thinks, it provides a clear understanding of why an individual is not performing up to standards and provides a foundation for developing a detailed plan to achieve the individual's highest potential.

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