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Provide your company a massive shot of adrenaline with engaging and thought-provoking keynotes and workshops designed to motivate your team to meaningful action.

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The key to building a more successful organization is ensuring your people coalesce around a shared vision. Foster that connection with engaging team building exercises.


ProAdvisorCoach speaking engagements are more than just pep rallies; we equip your team with powerful knowledge and strategies to maximize personal and professional performance.


Powerful Experiences

Here is a powerful example of a ProAdvisorCoach On-Site Summit Experience. We tailor each two-day event to your team’s specific needs and goals. This experience is part of the Action Plan phase of our unique AAA approach. This is more than just a shot-in-the-arm event, but a kickoff to truly transformative practices within your team/organization.


Rich Campe

Rich Campe is a passionate entrepreneur, professional speaker, coach and bestselling author with 23 years of international and domestic sales and management experience. His real passion is drawing out the best in others and himself to maximize human potential. 

The key to building a more successful organization is ensuring your people coalesce around a shared vision of the future and create an effective plan for realizing it, then take massive action to implement the plan and achieve SMART goals. ProAdvisorCoach seminars and workshops are more than pep rallies – they are powerful calls to action! They provide motivation, inspiration and the specific strategies people need to excel in every area of their personal and professional lives.



Nick Davies

In his first exploration, Nick worked extensively in corporate leadership with 20 years of experience, growing up in London, England working for multi national banks, living across 3 continents and 5 locations. Through the lessons realized in this substantial exposure to leadership, Nick was compelled to focus 100% to help others express themselves authentically as leaders in their businesses, careers and lives.

Nick is a Tony Robbins trained coach and speaker with over 4500 hours of coaching and counting! Nick believes most of us leave our personal and business potential on the table and settle. He believes in holding high standards for himself and his clients. That means a focus on results, but also a focus on compassion. 

Nick works daily with successful high level leaders to continually challenge their standards – to create more growth and give back to others.

After years of traveling Nick is currently living in Charlotte, NC with his wife and their two daughters.





Achieving Peak Sales Performance Through Self Awareness and The Power of Thinking

This powerful presentation will empower every sales professional to achieve their specific sales objectives more efficiently, consistently and with greater confidence, armed with a heightened sense of self-awareness and new empowering skills, available only through ProAdvisorCoach’s proven technologies and methodologies. Participants will leave this presentation on fire with breakthrough revelations and motivated to achieve a new realization of their true potential.


Achieving Peak Performance Through Self Awareness and The Power of Thinking

The goal of this powerful presentation is to apply heightened awareness and new empowering skill to a clear set of personal outcomes that can be achieved faster, more accurately and with greater success by leveraging the best of self and others. Participants will gain a heightened sense of their own potential, greater clarity of their core strengths and specific skills to fully leverage those insights and skills, while managing their potential blind-spots and/or weaknesses. Limiting beliefs will be shattered by new empowering beliefs that turn procrastination and fear into massive action and perpetual success.


How To Go From Mediocrity to Master Goal Achiever

The In this dynamic program, we’ll share step-by-step our proven formula for successful goal achievement, awakening your people to the fact that no matter how impossible the dream, it can be achieved. Learn the key strategies and concrete action steps that, when followed, will ignite your people into positive action, end all mediocrity, and transform your organization into a team of master goal achievers.


How To Achieve All Your Goals
All The Time

In this dynamic program, we’ll share with your people how to develop dreams that will drive them into action. They will discover how their dominant thoughts move from the conscious to the sub-conscious mind, creating the beliefs that drive their actions… and ultimately, the results they achieve. “How to Achieve ALL Your Goals ALL the Time!”


Provoke Your Brilliance

When you are clear about what you want, what you want will show up… but only to the extent to which you are clear. Learn once and for all how to uncover your true purpose and passion. This captivating presentation, based on Machen MacDonald’s #1 best-selling book Provoking Your Brilliance, will show you how to use your inner wisdom to support you in moving from confusion to clarity.


Brilliantly Adapting To Change

The quality of your life is in direct proportion to your ability to handle uncertainty. Change is ubiquitous and ongoing and, for most, causes a great deal of uncertainty. In this informative and entertaining presentation, Machen will share with you how to take back your power, get focused, gain more clarity and confidently move in the direction of what you want for yourself.

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