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have heard it before from the famous Vince Lombardi speech. “Winning is not a sometime thing; it is an all-time thing. You don’t win once in a while, you don’t do things right once in a while, you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit.” The same can be said of good decision-making. Good decision-making is an all-time thing. I have observed that sometimes people fall into the trap of thinking that because they’ve made many good decisions that it perhaps gives them permission to make a bad one and the good ones will wash over or make up for the bad ones.

Unfortunately the world does not count the frequency of the good decision-making or see good decision-making as a bank account. In a bank account you have deposits and withdrawals. Many small deposits do not make up for one big withdrawal. A person may have a perfect driving record and be arrested for driving under the influence. The good decision-making may play a small part of lessening the fine, but in no way will the courts say they will get off scott free because they had a perfect driving record.

Every decision must and will stand on its own. Good decision-making becomes a habit. Like we have learned and discussed throughout this entire book that the most successful individuals in the world are in the HABIT FORMATION business. The more a person can make good decisions in all areas of their life, from big decisions to the very smallest, the more they have trained themselves and formed the habit of good decision-making.

Again, the discipline needs to shine through with good decision-making. A way to stay focused on making good decisions in every aspect of your life is to constantly be reminded yourself of just doing the next right thing. Perhaps you just had an argument with a dear friend or loved one. The next right thing would be to apologize. It would be to set aside differences and pride and simply apologize. For the student that just received a C- on an exam, the next right thing would be to visit with the teacher and review the aspects of the exam so they can improve and score better on the next exam. For the sales executive that didn’t get the account, the next right thing would be to pick up the phone and begin prospecting for another account instead of feeling sorry for himself.

If one can obtain the discipline and focus to begin building up momentum by simply doing the next right thing, they will quickly get back on track on their journey to success.