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The Mental Struggle with Achieving Optimum Health

MENTAL STRENGTH: The most important thing to overcome are your OWN EXCUSES. Pauline Nordin from the “Fighter Diet” says something that really hits home “You cannot achieve success without a strong mind.”

Believe me, easier said than done!

Stop the Excuses. My whole life I was blaming perfectly fantastic genetics. I was blaming injuries. I was blaming my schedule. Whatever I could blame – I did! Stop that today. Look deep and figure out what your brain is tricking you into thinking. Get rid of the baggage. NO MORE EXCUSES.

Along with this strong mental state comes SO MUCH BAGGAGE. I hear ALL of the time, I work too much, I travel for work, I don’t want to take time away from my kids, my children hate the daycare at the gym, I don’t want to take time away from my spouse. There are people out there that are single parents, people that work more than you and they make it happen. You have to time manage!!!  Daily tasks equal long term goals.

 Be Kind to yourself. There are ways to trick your brain into it being easier – It’s as simple as when you are counting reps, to count from 10-1 instead of 1-10. Truly, re-learning how you talk to yourself internally IS CRUCIAL. I went from “holy cannoli, I have so FAR TO GO” to focusing on what I have accomplished (this is REALLY intense if you are a perfectionist-perfectionists have the hardest time with fat loss because they ALWAYS feel like they have failed. IF this is you, acknowledge that!). It’s also important to change your environment. Any of your friends that are negative nellies or are excuse-driven; have to go! It’s so hard but they are really holding you down from your success!!

GOD. Here’s a big one. Let me tell you, during my dark soul searching, weighing in at 235 not once, but twice at 5’5, my faith HAD TO become strong. Every day I walk into the gym, I know I will not fail, I’m just a vessel working on the gift that my Creator has given me. The first time I did a handstand push-up I thought I would fall right on my face, but I didn’t !!!!!

Don’t let your mind hold you back from what your body is capable of achieving.

“God gave you one body. It is your temple.” You need to have a strong, fit, body. Lead your family by example. Fuel your body with foods that are meant to FUEL it…WEIGHT is a mountain that God can help you move.

Some things that you need to know.

You are worth it. You are worth the 1 hour of daily exercise. You are worth spending more money on groceries because it does cost a little more to eat healthy. You need to do it for you, first and foremost. You get one life. Quit being a people-pleaser, or a workaholic, or unorganized, you deserve to put yourself first when it comes to health. I promise, if you are having issues with blood pressure, DEPRESSION, diabetes, anxiety, joint pain, mental illness; getting healthy WILL benefit you.

GET CONTROL. You have to be honest with yourself. Quit cheating yourself and say you ate healthy because you didn’t eat the last fry OR you worked out so you can eat a dozen donuts. BE HONEST with yourself.

Ryan McElhinny, owner of Maximum Fitness once told me “you can tell yourself you worked hard, you can tell yourself you eat healthy, BUT EVERYONE can see what you really do!!!!”