Client Experiences


I believe strongly in reinvesting back into my business and personal life. Coaching is a MUST for anyone committed to working on their business while creating more Time, Money and Fun. The ProAdvisor Coach program is much different from any other coaching program because it’s 1-on-1 and customized for your business.
Tom Mingone, CEO
Capital Management Group
“I’ve been in the business for 20 years and I have achieved high levels of success. After starting to work with Rich I increased my production and my confidence to a new level. After 18 years with a large firm I decided it was time to go independent. The coaching is more than just about increasing your production it’s about how to make a better life for yourself.”
Scott Meyerson, Financial Planner
Common Wealth Financial
The 7 Secrets system is a must for any registered rep passionate about taking their business to the next level. The ProAdvisorCaoch team are masters at getting reps focused on what’s most important and working towards leveraging their strengths. I have participated in this powerful coaching program, and the results were so amazing that I am personally paying a portion of the coaching fees for all my reps in our territory. Don’t miss this career changing opportunity.
Todd Pace, Regional VP
Woodbury Financial Services
The combination of personal coaching, spiritual coaching, results-based business coaching, and relationship coaching, offers a balance unlike other coaches I've worked with.
Rick Sapio, President
Mutual Capital Alliance, Inc.
My ProAdvisor coach offers out-of-the-ordinary way of thinking to grow your business and practice. The tools he will help provide are lasting and will increase net revenue, improve your business skills, increase your productivity, and allow you to spend more time doing the things you enjoy. He will give you a perspective that adds value to yourself and your clients.
Mitchell Black, Ameriprise Advisor
My ProAdvisor coach has the skills to help capture the brilliance in others. He understands the power of coaching and how to utilize leadership concepts to produce positive results.
Ryan Beck, CFP®, ChFC, AXA