The Off-Season


All games are won or lost based on the Off-Season. Professional athletes and business leaders know that winning is about planning, preparation and execution. So often Advisors find themselves working “IN” the business the majority of the time and not finding the time to work “ON” the business.

This Off-Season playbook will help you harness the best within yourself to re-discover your natural ability and achieve new heights both personally and professionally. As coaches we can narrow this down into two primary questions to quickly discover if you are running your business or if your business is running you.

• Do you have an Off-Season (time to work on your business)?

• Do you have a plan for your Off-Season (what to do with your Off-Season time)?

If you answered “No” to either of the questions above you are like the majority of Financial Advisors who find themselves not becoming all they can become by truly leveraging themselves and their business to have more time, money and fun. Hold onto your seat…this is a ride that will change your life and business forever. Take a deep breath and enjoy the discovery of a big bold future!



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