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*Maximum Participants: 12

  • Pre-Contract Huddle: 60 minutes/Weekly
  • Engagement Triad Tribe: 60 minutes/Weekly
  • Assignments, Personal Study Time: 1 – 3 hours/Weekly
  • Business Building / Prime the Pump: 3 – 10 hours/Weekly

The following will be covered in the 90-day Pre-Contract Engagement Stage:

  • MindScan Certification
  • ProAdvisorDrivers Certification
  • ProAdvisorCoach Above and Below the Water Line Certification

Lag, Lead, Lift

Avatar Health based on Reach Outs, MindScans Scheduled and MindScans Reviewed


$5,000 Total Minimum Billing

  1. Month 1: $0
  2. Month 2: $2000
  3. Month 3: $3000

Lead Weekly:

  1. 50 Reach outs
  2. 10 MindScan’s Scheduled
  3. 5 MindScan Reviews


  1. MindScan Certification
  2. ProAdvisorDrivers Certification
  3. Team COACH Huddles
  4. Coaching Triads

Our program is based on Teach it, Digest it, Practice it.

To move from the Pre-Contract Coach status to the Official ProAdvisorCoach Contract Coach you must be at 95% Avatar Health or better by the end of the 90-day PreContract Period.

The FULLY Refundable Pre-Contract stage is $5,000 and will be refunded monthly

based on Avatar Health for the given month.

Month 1: Qualify up to $1,000 as a % of total Avatar Health.

Month 2: Qualify up to $1,500 as a % of total Avatar Health.

Month 3: Qualify up to $2,500 as a % of total Avatar Health.


  • Avatar health % must be at 70% minimum to qualify for % of Avatar Health.
  • All MindScan reviews scheduled and MindScan reviews must be listed in the notes area of tracking.  First names minimum.
  • All Tracking data must be current at the end of each 30 day cycle.
  • ProAdvisorCoach will match up to a minimum of $2,000 in Joint work coach pay based on total booking within the 90 days.
  • All qualifying Avatar Health reimbursements are paid on the 1stof the month following the completion of each 30 day cycle during the 90 day Pre-Contract Phase.



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