Erich Schlenker


After a career in corporate America followed by a successful launch and exit of a startup, Erich has spent 8 years coaching, advising and mentoring clients to achieve their own compelling goals. Erich has worked with 500+ entrepreneurs and business leaders eager to launch, grow and scale their businesses. An ideal client has identified an exciting opportunity and recognizes that outstanding execution is the greatest competitive advantage. Erich’s clients are launching businesses, raising capital, scaling operations, growing teams, or preparing succession plans. Recognizing and understanding that the narrative running in our heads can often drive our decisions, Erich works with clients to provide a safe and confidential space to find individual peak performance. Erich was co-founder and president of Synaptis in Raleigh NC creating end user training programs for enterprise software platforms. The company was sold to a small private equity group in 2006. Prior to Synaptis, Erich was the Worldwide Market Development Manager at Intel Corporation and helped define, launch and manage the Intel Inside program that established Intel as one of the most valuable consumer brands in the world. Contact Info: 828-719-6891