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Team Coaching

Close critical team performance gaps, accelerate your growth and foster a performance-based company culture.


Reach Your Organizational Goals And Supercharge Team Performance

We identify your areas for growth, develop an action plan, and implement strategies to help you achieve organizational goals and maximize employee performance using a combination of team and one-on-one performance coaching.


Foster A Healthy, High-Performing Culture

Fuel a healthy performance-based culture by aligning your team around a common vision, providing resources to achieve departmental synergy, and promoting a philosophy of accountability and continued personal development.


Develop and Refine Your Employee Talent

First, we identify the strengths and opportunities for growth amongst your employee talent pool. Then we use individual coaching to maximize performance, uncover previously unrecognized talents, and develop leadership abilities. This leads to each person’s ultimate realization of his/her true potential.


Coaching Meets Consulting

(gap analysis)

We begin with information gathering from leadership and team members to establish the current performance environment and desired outcomes. We utilize innovative, in-house platforms like the MindScan™ and TeamScan™ to uncover opportunities for individual and team growth.

action plan
(on-site summit experience)

After completing our analysis, we convene for a team building summit tailored to address the opportunities for greatest leverage within your environment. Summits are comprised of entertaining and effective team building exercises, challenge activities, skill training, and focused work sessions.

(Ongoing accountability)

After aligning your team on a shared vision / mission / values, we work one-on-one with team members to develop habitual thinking
and behavioral patterns that bring forth the desired outcomes within your organization from both a personal and business perspective.

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Seminars & Keynotes

ProAdvisorCoach provides motivation, inspiration and the specific strategies people need to excel in every area of their personal and professional lives.

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